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We suggest taking a screenshot of this information as there is NO CELL SERVICE/WIFI at the festival.  Be one with nature, music, etc.

Even if you are a RTMF pro, please read the newsletter below as important information has been updated.




Smart Camping Tips:


The No-Brainers:

  • Be prepared – pack water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, and be ready for any weather

  • No glass – ...and don’t bring any fireworks while you’re at it

  • Respect the land – clean up after yourself!

  • Be nice – love thy neighbour and have fun!


Potable/drinking water is supplied and fires are restricted to the communal fire pits located on site.

No djembe, drums, trumpets, or horns please!


For the First Timers…


You have just arrived. Now what?

Regardless of whether you are camping or just coming for the day, you will be greeted by a volunteer who will tell you where to park.

If you are camping, you have the option to use our free gear hauling service. You simply unload in the designated drop-off area, clearly label your gear with the duct tape and markers provided, then park your car and walk approx. 5 – 10 minutes into the festival. 


Your belongings will be brought into the festival site once the gear hauling van has been filled up. Note that if you want to get to the festival campground ASAP with your stuff, you may want to carry it/get a wagon and roll it in yourself as there will be a wait if you use the gear hauling van – your choice! 

If you’re coming for the day, the volunteer will show you where the designated ‘day pass’ parking is located. From there, just park and walk on up to the festival box office.  Remember, no drinking and driving, friends!




Please try to drive in the daytime, if possible.

  1. Head SOUTH on HWY 59 to St. Malo

  2. Continue roughly 7 km past St. Malo

  3. Turn RIGHT on SENKIW RD. (keep your eyes out for the sign on your right side during a sweeping left turn)

  4. Continue 4 miles

  5. Turn RIGHT on RAPIDS RD. 

  6. Continue for 1 mile

  7. Look for RTMF signage and turn LEFT into the designated driveway.


Please click here for detailed directions with a map.




Throughout the festival site, attendees may encounter steep slopes, uneven terrain, loose gravel, earthy paths, and exposed river banks. We acknowledge that these natural features pose an accessibility barrier and we will do our best to accommodate any accessibility requests brought to our attention. Additionally, we are planning an accessibility audit and welcome your feedback in this area. 

For more information, please contact or the front gate or info tent onsite.


Safer Spaces and Harm Reduction:


It is mandatory that all RTMF participants abide by our Safer Spaces Policy to ensure an enjoyable, positive experience for everyone.

Please read our policy on our website:

Harm reduction services and the safer spaces area can be found adjacent to the campground, near the entrance to the river. Trained staff and volunteers are available 24 hours a day.



  • ATM
    There will be an ATM on-site from Friday to Sunday.


  • No WIFI on site
    Please remember that there is no internet or service at the RTMF festival site or campground.  Please make your meeting plans prior to heading out!

    While you’ll be without social media for the festival (
    gasp!), we ask that you use the festival hashtag #RTMF2023 when you get home to upload your photos.  We love to see what you cats got up to at the festival!


  • Poison Ivy
    “No mow? Don’t go!” There is poison ivy off the beaten paths of the fest site and


  • Quiet(er) Camping
    Our quiet camping zone has been expanded and is perfect if you need your full six to eight hours! There will be signage to find that area at the festival; ask the box office/info booth if you need further direction.


  • Leave your pets at home
    As much as we love your furry friends, pets are not allowed on-site. The festival does allow service animals to accompany those who need assistance.

  • You don’t have to go, but you can’t stay here
    Campers must be packed out from the festival grounds by 6:00pm on Sunday.

  • Lost and Found
    Our Info Booth acts as the lost and found throughout the festival.  After the festival, all unclaimed items will be taken to a central location in Winnipeg to be picked up. Items will be donated after two weeks.

Connect with us on social media!

  • Instagram: @rainbowtroutfestival

  • Facebook: @RainbowTroutMusicFestival


Still have a question? Send us an email at: 

We would love to hear how we did this year and will be sending out a post-festival survey shortly after Rainbow Trout Music Festival ends.

Thank you for reading and see you at the festival!


Lots of Love,


The RTMF Crew ♥️♥️♥️

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