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Fifteen close friends went camping one fine weekend in the summer of 2008 at an old abandoned gravel quarry. While they're BBQing and enjoying the afternoon, they began to day dream about coming back to the spot with a generator, their sound gear, and a few more friends to put on a little backwoods bush party. A few months of planning and the Rainbow Trout Music Festival (and Fishing Derby) was born. Seventy or so enlightened nature lovers enjoyed the music, the camaraderie, and caught at least one or two little rainbow trout off the shoreline. It was just as they had imagined... in fact, it was even better.  


Years later, the RTMF has grown to become one of Manitoba's most loved and anticipated local music festivals. Now featuring over 25 bands and over 900 attendees annually, the little festival that started with a daydream is stronger than ever... and still growing.


Founded and organized by a dedicated group of volunteers, the RTMF holds true to their DIY roots while creating a safe, fun and unmatched summer festival experience. The only real question is, have you got your ticket yet?


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