RTMF Volunteer Director 

This is a volunteer position.


The simplest way of describing the RTMF Volunteer Director is that they manage all volunteer operations for the festival. The main responsibilities of this position include: working as the liaison between the RTMF board and the volunteer body; recruitment of crew leaders and volunteer teams; pre-festival volunteer orientation; overseeing on-site volunteers and attending to any needs or issues that may arise during the festival; and planning a post-festival volunteer party. 


As an executive on the RTMF board, the Volunteer Director collaborates year round with the other directors on the board, however, the ‘active’ months generally speaking are April to September, with a peak in July and August. Of all the board members, the Volunteer Director works closely with the Director of Operations (Roy G Biv Grill), Technical Directors and the Director of Safer Spaces and Harm Reduction, who generally conduct their own specific volunteer training, schedules, and/or pre-festival volunteer activities. The Volunteer Director also works with the Festival Supervisors.


Breakdown of Responsibilities:


  • RTMF Board

    • Attend monthly RTMF board meetings and AGM

    • Attend RTMF events (board retreats, volunteer party, holiday party)

    • Determine budget for volunteer operations in yearly budget

    • Determine the number of volunteers needed for each volunteer area

    • Determine date of volunteer call, usually revolves around ticket sales

  • Volunteer Recruitment

    • Consistently check volunteer email inbox and respond to communications accordingly

    • Update volunteer application forms annually

    • Recruit volunteer crew leaders (for each area) 

    • Coordinate volunteer call postings with Communications Director 

    • Recruit volunteer body for festival

    • Create a Google Worksheet with volunteer applications for crew leaders to select teams

  • Volunteer Training

    • Organize and lead at least one volunteer crew leader meeting before regular volunteer orientation

    • Update volunteer manual

    • Update volunteer training PowerPoint

    • Organize and lead volunteer orientation session(s) before the festival

    • Communicate important deadlines/memos/updates to volunteer body

  • Volunteer Management

    • Create a master schedule for each volunteer area

    • Create schedule for festival supervisors 

    • Complete inventory of station implements (pens, sharpies, forms, binders, manuals. etc.)

    • Communicate any station implements needs with Director of Operations 

    • Organize festival site volunteer stations and properly stock them with the appropriate implements

    • Attend daily meetings on-site at festival with RTMF board, and disseminate any relevant information at daily on-site crew leader meeting

    • Check in on volunteer areas on-site, attend to any needs or issues

  • Post-Festival

    • Update post-festival volunteer experience survey

    • Synthesize post-festival survey findings, report results at post-festival board meeting

    • Plan a post-festival volunteer afterparty for early September (begin planning in July)


Volunteer Director Monthly Activity Timeline


The role of Volunteer Director requires a high level of dedication and varying hours of work, which fluctuate depending on the time of year. For example, in dormant months, such as November, commitment can mean about two to three hours attending a board meeting; at the peak month of August, however, commitment can be as much as twenty hours a week answering emails, coordinating with the board, and leading orientation sessions.

To apply, please send a resume and letter or paragraph indicating why you’re interested and why you’re a good fit. Please send them to  admin@rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com by June 25, 2022. Include “Volunteer Director Nomination” in your subject line. 


If you have questions before applying, don’t hesitate to send to the admin address above.

The Board of Directors will evaluate all applicants and contact finalists for an interview. The selected applicant will be approved by Board decision, to be ratified at a future Annual General Meeting.


Thanks for your interest!