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The Rainbow Trout Music Festival (RTMF), is looking for passionate, fun, excited people to join our board of directors. The RTMF is a festival that is based on volunteer support to make the magic and logistics of the festival happen. While the Board makes decisions about the festival’s overall direction, and each have a specific operational role, there is also an understanding that this is a working board. This means there are often other duties and responsibilities that directors need to take on to execute a successful festival. As a working board committed to volunteer leadership, this is the core of what has  built the festival and will continue to make it great.

Available Director Positions:
Safe Space and Harm Reduction Director- Responsible for ensuring all festival activities live up to the Safer Spaces Policy, develop and support partnerships with Red Tent, Project Safe Audience, First Aid, and more.

Marketing and Communications Director- Responsible for overall communications between the
festival and the public, including e-mail, social media, website, press and media, and overall festival  messaging.

-To be 18 or older, a Canadian citizen, and not in a state of bankruptcy.
-To be a member in good standing (this requires a $25 annual fee).
-To uphold the purpose and values of RTMF. See our “Safer Spaces” policy here.
-To commit to regular meetings throughout the year, operational tasks year-round, and
additional responsibilities at the festival.

Please submit your resume and letter of interest to jamilfolk@gmail.com, including "Board of Directors Application" in your subject line. Please apply by May 10 to be considered for nomination by the Board. The Board of Directors will evaluate all applicants and approve a slate of candidates to present at the AGM. We’ll contact our nominees May 15. The AGM will take place on May 22.

The Board of Directors thanks all our volunteers for their ongoing support!

Festival Description:
Rainbow Trout Music Festival Inc provides a high quality, low-cost, environmentally responsible
outdoor musical festival that promotes a variety of Manitoba musicians, artists and vendors, and brings  participants to a Manitoba location rich in natural beauty and local history. This volunteer-run, not-for- profit corporation is focused on musical performance, collaborative art making, and exposure to local crafters and food providers.

Festival activities include three days of music, camping, good friends, bonfires, dancing, swimming, and more. RTMF showcases the high level of quality that exists in local music of all genres including rock, electro, hip-hop, blues, jazz, folk, garage, funk, reggae, etc. Its unique programming inspires audiences and challenges the listener and is complemented by occasional activities throughout the year, usually in Winnipeg.

RTMF takes place on the banks of the Roseau River, just south of St. Malo, Manitoba, on the third weekend in August. The site is owned by George and Florence Beaudry, who are close partners and friends of the festival.