RTMF Communications Director 

This is a volunteer position.


The RTMF Marketing & Communications Director is responsible for overall communications between the festival and the public, including e-mail, social media, website, press and media, and overall festival messaging. They work closely with the Creative Director to integrate the annual festival branding across all communications. They are the main media contact during the festival, and maintain a crisis communications plan. They also undertake an audience survey each year.


RTMF values inclusion and operates with a strong commitment to safer spaces and anti-oppression. This opportunity is open to all and we encourage folks from diverse communities and backgrounds to apply. Preference will be given to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) applicants, as well as Two Spirit, trans, non-binary people and women. If you require accommodation to apply, let us know how we can support you.


Time commitment estimates:

  • Monthly Board meetings - 1.5 hours meeting plus 1-2 hours prep or follow-up per month 

  • Additional board meetings in the festival period (June - August), plus potential board retreat or prep weekends. These are awesome times to do a lot of planning, prep, organizational development, and have fun together!

  • Regular, routine monitoring of RTMF communication channels. This director is responsible for timely response to questions forwarded to our general info email address and all social media channels. Proactive content creation is busiest around calls for participation and the festival period. This includes promoting calls for performers (December/January); Artisans & Vendors (Spring); Volunteers (Spring); AGM (April-May), Line-Up Launch and Ticket Sales (May-June); Festival promotion and media relations (July-August).

  • Audience survey is open from festival weekend into September, with results shared with the board at the next earliest meeting.

  • 3rd Weekend of August (Festival Week) - Full time on site for at least Friday - Sunday. Many board members spend more time on site before the festival begins. 


RTMF Directors must:

  • be 18 or older, a Canadian citizen, and not in a state of bankruptcy.

  • be an RTMF Board Member in good standing, which can take place after the interview and hiring process concludes! (this requires a $25 annual fee).

  • uphold the purpose and values of RTMF. See our “Safer Spaces” policy (https://www.rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com/safer-spaces-policy)




Marketing & Communications Responsibilities

  • Work with the Creative Director on development of the overall festival brand and yearly marketing plan

  • Develop and deliver communications content as needed for participation calls, special events, the festival itself, and other organizational needs as required. The festival primarily promotes through social media (Facebook and Instagram), the website, and via local media sources. Key annual campaigns include:

    • Call for Performers

    • Calls for Artists, Artisans, Vendors

    • Call for Volunteers

    • AGM and Board Recruitment Calls

    • Festival line-up launch, ticket sales, and general promotion

  • Maintain www.rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com, with key inputs and involvement from the Creative Director

  • Media relations in the lead up to the festival, and at others times as required. This includes preparing press kits or news releases about the festival, intaking media requests, coordinating with board members or other approved spokespeople to speak to media, etc.

  • Preparing a crisis communications plan for festival weekend

  • Media contact and crisis communications manager for festival weekend. This involves having spokespeople prepped for any media coming on site, and receiving them when they arrive. Main Gate and Backstage Traffic crews will work to inform the director when needed

  • Prepare, administer, and analyze an annual audience satisfaction survey to inform future festival development and marketing plans

  • Work with the Fundraising and Sponsorship Director to ensure proper sponsorship fulfillment through communications and on site 

  • Source and hire event photographers. Determine shot lists to capture the various elements of the festival for use on socials and future promotions. Organize and archive photos within the RTMF database. 


Board Duties

  • Participate as a member of the RTMF Board of Directors 

    • Enthusiastically attend board meetings as needed throughout the year 

    • Collaborate with fellow board members to ensure other elements of the festival are managed and maintained

    • Offer opinions and vote on board topics

    • Ensure quality of the festival from a creative and arts focused perspective is not compromised

  • Board terms are typically 3 years, and board members can serve 2 consecutive terms before stepping down. 


To apply, please send a resume and letter or paragraph indicating why you’re interested and why you’re a good fit. Please send them to  admin@rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com by May 30, 2022. Include “Marketing & Communications Director Nomination” in your subject line. 


If you have questions before applying, don’t hesitate to send to the admin address above.

The Board of Directors will evaluate all applicants and contact finalists for an interview. The selected applicant will be approved by Board decision, to be ratified at a future Annual General Meeting.


Thanks for your interest!