RTMF Creative Director 



This is a volunteer position.

The new Creative Director (CD) will spend their first year working directly with the current/departing Creative Director, Ben Jones. The CD and Ben will work collaboratively to achieve the tasks associated with producing the RTMF 2022. Onboarding and mentorship will take place throughout the year during mutually agreeable times. Although experience is an asset, applicants need not have experience in creative direction or festival production.


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CD is responsible for the overall artistic direction, brand personality and creative development of the RTMF; spearheading the musical and artistic programming. They oversee artistic development; pro-actively outreaching and intaking artist submissions, booking local, national and occasional international artists. They create an annual jury and lead the artist selection process’. RTMF lineups showcase the highest quality and most cutting edge artists, with a focus and mandate designed to ensure diverse representation in genres, identities, cultures and experience levels. The CD is excited to continue a lasting legacy and aiding in the growth and success of local and regional arts and artists. 


The CD is responsible for sourcing and managing collaborators to create the overall marketing design, festival program materials and merchandising concepts. A keen and unique sense of style is a major asset. They design the annual theme and energetic identity for the RTMF that inspires audiences to not only attend, but creatively engage with the festival. 


This opportunity will allow the CD to showcase the creativity of Manitoba in a safe and inclusive space. Their desire to facilitate and welcome others into safe, inviting, intentional, thriving, diverse and inclusive spaces is of the utmost importance. 


The CD will help lead the RTMF forward into it’s 13th operating season and out of the COVID-19 lockdown by working in close partnership with the Board to grow its artistic vision, scope, distinctive reputation, and local impact.

RTMF values inclusion and operates with a strong commitment to safer spaces and anti-oppression. This opportunity is open to all and we encourage folks from diverse communities and backgrounds to apply. Preference will be given to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) applicants, as well as two Spirit, trans, non-binary people and women. If you require accommodation to apply, let us know how we can support you.


Time commitment estimates, (time required may change based on the roles and strengths of the successful applicant: 

  • Monthly Board meetings - 2-3 hours per month 

  • Sept - Jan - 3-4 hours per month

  • Feb - Jun - 5-6 hours per month

  • Jul - Aug - 6-10 hours per month

  • Mid. Aug - 20 hours leading up to the festival week 

  • 3rd Weekend of August (Festival Week) - Full time on site for 5 days


There may be times throughout the year when extra time is required to complete tasks attributed to this role. There will also be 1-2 Board Retreat Weekend(s) where planning, prepping and fun times will be had! Flexibility and a self-starter attitude is key. 


The CD must at the time of hiring must:

  • be 18 or older, a Canadian citizen, and not in a state of bankruptcy.

  • be an RTMF Board Member in good standing, which can take place after the interview and hiring process concludes! (this requires a $25 annual fee).

  • uphold the purpose and values of RTMF. See our “Safer Spaces” policy (https://www.rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com/safer-spaces-policy)







  • Lead and inspire the creative vision of the festival 

    • Select bands 

    • Select arts installations 

    • Determine the annual theme or vision for the RTMF 

    • Create or collaborate to create annual branding and promotional materials 

    • Work with Marketing Director to distribute promotions 

    • Create or collaborate to design merch that will be relevant for multiple festival iterations

    • Participate as an active member of the RTMF Board 


  • Act as a lead voice and ambassador for the RTMF brand and participate in marketing engagements as needed

  • Funnel marketing opportunities to the Marketing Director

  • Ensure marketing materials and promotions created under the Creative Director’s purvue are completed on time and delivered to the appropriate board members or vendors on time.

  • Oversee the Marketing Calendar to ensure the creative direction is being promoted as planned by the Marketing Director 

  • Design or lead design process for marketing materials (graphic design elements, branding, poster) 

  • Design or lead design process for creation of official RTMF Merch

  • Assets: Photoshop, InDesign, Wix, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Band and Artists Process

  • Manage and oversee the band jury and arts installation selection process’

    • Intake and outreach to gather submissions

    • Select annual jury members to review submissions

    • Train and supervise jury to give recommendations

    • Act as final judge to choose and arrange band/arts lineups following jury process guidelines and ensuring careful attention is given to selection parameters

    • Create lineup arrangement and arts installation program to generate an awesome flow and vibe for the festival weekend

    • Manage budgets to ensure no-over spend

    • Contact and confirm inclusion of bands and artists

    • Create, distribute and collect contracts and safer spaces agreements for bands and artists

    • Collect pertinent info from bands and artists and pass off communications as needed to Stage and Operations Directors.

    • Assist scheduling bands and artists load in times and ensure all information about accessing/attending/performing/camping/safety/load out/etc are communicated to all members

    • Oversee and assist with the arts installations on site

Board Duties

  • Participate as a member of the RTMF Board of Directors 

    • Enthusiastically attend board meetings as needed throughout the year 

    • Collaborate with fellow board members to ensure other elements of the festival are managed and maintained

    • Offer opinions and vote on board topics

    • Ensure quality of the festival from a creative and arts focused perspective is not compromised


On Site Duties 

  • Assist and lead various elements of the set up of the RTMF festival infrastructure

    • Requires 2-3 days on site prior to the festival start date

      • Lead: lighting, arts installations, arts areas, main stage décor and carpet beach set up. 

      • Assist: Safety, Parking, General Info, Camping, etc. 

  • Arts Installations

    • Ensure safe and on-time set up of the arts installations

      • Meet and assist artists in individual displays

      • Troubleshoot set up problems and solve inevitable hangups as needed

      • Be a positive and solution-oriented voice in sensitive situations

      • Ensure arts installations meet the agreed criteria and agreed upon plans

      • Deliver payment to artists upon successful installation of their work

      • Ensure all arts installations are removed following schedule or put in storage if they are donations for subsequent festivals

  • Bands 

    • Attend the stage areas and meet with band members. It is important to be present regularly and to acknowledge the contributions of the performers personally when possible. *Stage Mangers will manage payment and load-in/out

    • Monitor stage sound and use critical eye to identify any glaring issues in the mix. As Creative Director you should have a deep knowledge of the performers' sound and know if things are sounding way off.  

      • Address sound issues sensitively and patiently with Stage Directors and/or Sound Engineers as needed. 

  • Ambassador

    • Keep an eye out for all attendees of the festival. Lend a hand and help out if you see an opportunity or problem.

    • Behave in a manner fitting your leadership role. Be friendly and welcoming and a positive example to all those present.

    • When on duty, you must be sober and clear of mind so that any emergencies or high pressure issues can be dealt with appropriately. 

    • If not on duty and/or not of clear mind and able to respond to an issue appropriately, seek out and defer to Board Members and Organizers on duty.  


To apply, please use the form found via the link button below by Dec 21, 2022.

The Board of Directors will evaluate all applicants and contact finalists for an interview. The selected applicant will be approved by Board decision, to be ratified at a future Annual General Meeting.


If you have any questions prior to submitting your application, please send them to rtmf.info@gmail.com. Include “Creative Director Nomination” in your subject line.


Thanks for your interest!