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Join the RTMF Board of Directors
Vendor & Sales Director

This is a volunteer position.


The RTMF Vendor Director is responsible for both RTMF and external vendors at the festival who sell goods and services to attendees during the festival. They help ensure RTMF is earning revenue to support the festival as well as providing great services to attendees. They work closely with the Operations and Volunteer Directors to plan and implement these services, especially RTMF’s in-house vendors. 


RTMF vendors include:

  • Roy G Biv Grill. This is the largest food vendor on site, operated by RTMF volunteers and providing lunch and dinner service, including free meals to volunteers.

  • Info Tent. Staffed by RTMF volunteers, this includes sales of small sundries (lighters, etc), bags of ice, and freezies, as well as ATM services typically managed by the Finance Director.

  • RTMF Merch Table. We maintain a stock of festival branded merch and offer a merch sales service to performers.


External vendors include:

  • How Bazaar. Vendors are artisans/businesses selling goods for sale to attendees such as vintage clothes, soaps, and other artisan offerings. 

  • Additional food vendors ensure a range of meal options covering all meal times. 


RTMF values inclusion and operates with a strong commitment to safer spaces and anti-oppression. This opportunity is open to all and we encourage folks from diverse communities and backgrounds to apply. Preference will be given to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) applicants, as well as Two Spirit, trans, non-binary people and women. If you require accommodation to apply, let us know how we can support you.


Time commitment estimates:

  • Monthly Board meetings - 1.5 hours meeting plus 1-2 hours prep or follow-up per month 

  • Additional board meetings in the festival period (June - August), plus potential board retreat or prep weekends. These are awesome times to do a lot of planning, prep, organizational development, and have fun together!

  • Additional time preparing the RTMF vendors.

  • Attending preparation days before the Festival, especially Wednesday and Thursday when most RTMF vendor deliveries and set-up takes place. Potentially also attending food prep days in Winnipeg ahead of the festival. 

  • Festival - Full time on site for at least Friday - Sunday. 


RTMF Directors must:

  • be 18 or older, a Canadian citizen, and not in a state of bankruptcy.

  • be an RTMF Board Member in good standing, which can take place after the interview and hiring process concludes! (this requires a $25 annual fee).

  • uphold the purpose and values of RTMF. See our “Safer Spaces” policy.




Vendor Responsibilities

  • Prepare a budget and revenue targets for RTMF vendors and integrate into the overall budget, led by the Finance Director.

  • Source How Bazaar and external food vendors, either through referrals or an open recruitment process. Ensure their set-up times and needs are incorporated into the overall set-up and festival plan. Greet them on site and ensure collection of vendor fees.

  • Plan and prepare the Info Tent sales plan with the Operations and Volunteer Directors.

  • Plan and prepare RTMF merch vendor:

    • Work with the Creative Director to select a design based on the annual branding and creative direction

    • Decide which types of merchandise items to purchase and what amount

    • Work with the Operations Director to source a merch supplier and purchase the merch in time for the festival, as well as sourcing and setting-up the merch vendor space

    • Work with the Volunteer Director to plan for and recruit a volunteer crew to staff the RTMF merch table throughout the festival and plan area procedures

    • Work with the Technical Director to facilitate performer merch sales 

  • Plan and prepare Roy G Biv Grill:

    • Work with the Operations and Volunteer Directors, and any others assigned, to create and implement a plan for the grill including:

      • preparing a menu, 

      • deciding on hours of service, 

      • outlining needs for crew leaders and volunteers, 

      • ordering food and supplies,

      • pre-preparing food off site and delivering to site.

    • Arrange for facilities to prepare food for festival (usually Wednesday or Thursday before festival)

    • Ensure the festival is in compliance with all food safety and permitting requirements

    • Work with the Volunteer Director, Operations Director, and any crew leaders to recruit adequate volunteers and plan area procedures

  • Work with the Finance Director and Volunteer Director to ensure adequate cash systems on site for all RTMF vendors.


Board Duties

  • Participate as a member of the RTMF Board of Directors 

    • Enthusiastically attend board meetings as needed throughout the year 

    • Collaborate with fellow board members to ensure other elements of the festival are managed and maintained

    • Offer opinions and vote on board topics

    • Consider other ways that RTMF can use sales tactics to generate more earned revenue or provide desired festival services. 

  • Board terms are typically 3 years, and board members can serve 2 consecutive terms before stepping down. 


To apply, please send a resume and letter or paragraph indicating why you’re interested and why you’re a good fit. Please send them to by January 31, 2024. Include “Vendor Director Nomination” in your subject line. 


If you have questions before applying, don’t hesitate to send to the admin address above.

The Board of Directors will evaluate all applicants and contact finalists for an interview. The selected applicant will be approved by Board decision, to be ratified at a future Annual General Meeting.


Thanks for your interest! 

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